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Complete Custom Doormat

Complete Custom Doormat
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Have a dream for the perfect doormat but, don't see it in our shop? No problem!

We can create a maximum 4 line doormat for you using the available fonts above. If you wish to use another font that you don't see listed, you can email us: and provide us with the font name and we will see if this would show well on the fibers of the doormat. 

  • Simply choose your font and type in each of the, one through four, lines what you would like it to say, in the noted boxes.
  • Please note: If you choose less than 4 lines the lines of font will be centered within the mat. 
  • Font option number five can NOT be done in all caps as it becomes illegible and you don't want that.
  • Now click Preview to view a sample of how each font looks on the doormat. 
  • Note: This is NOT how it will appear on your finished doormat, as we will work to bring the size(s) up or down and the lines closer together where necessary to make it look its absolute best!
  • We must create fonts to a minimum of 1.5 inches in height for best results. Lines will be centered within doormat.

You will be sent a draft for custom orders via email. You must approve/respond to this via email. Maximum two revisions can be made for custom orders, prior to creation only.  


Available in large size only, at this time. 
Large: 24" x 35" Fits slightly wider than any standard door width.

Made of 100% environmentally friendly natural coir/coco (coconut husk) fibers. 
Latex backing (naturally produced rubber) keeps mat firmly in place to prevent movement. 

Current production time is up to 2 weeks (and up to 4 during peak holiday seasons) as I am a one person operation hand painting your piece of beautiful door front art on my own!

Please read the Care tab and/or our FAQ for detailed information about your doormat.


Sure, you can stomp on it, but we don't recommend it! Our doormats are a renewable and natural product and not meant to last a lifetime. They are hand painted with multiple layers of premium paint and sealed with a UV/water resistant sealer. Heavy foot traffic will cause the doormat to wear more quickly. The lighter the foot traffic the longer the font crispness will last. We recommend a covered entrance and keeping the doormat dry, away from direct rain/snow and salt. As the doormat is made of natural coconut husk, water will cause the doormat to swell and shed. Our doormats have a low shed level but, we do recommend giving them a shake every week or so, to loosen excess debris. If your doormat becomes soiled, give it a gentle shake or soft bristle sweep. If it becomes saturated with water, hang it to dry for a few days. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.